• Inaudible sound waves and natural amethyst resonant frequencies.
  • Waves for Life Emits specific inaudible sound frequencies using the ancient Key of David sound scale and traditional Hebrew shofar blasts to bring cellular harmonic resonance with creation.
  • Frequency medicine is the use of wave lengths to create a physical or mental state of homeostasis.

Waves for Life Theory

  • Life is energy. Energy is measured in the form of frequencies
  • Atoms have electrons which spin around a nucleus. This spinning structure emits frequencies (electromagnetic)
  • Everything is made up of atoms therefore, all matter including every organ and every cell has a frequency
  • Sound waves are frequency waves and energy
  • Research has shown that frequency waves can kick start cellular processes influencing ATP production, the energy of cells.
  • Inaudible sound research has shown to influence healthy growth of cells
  • Amethyst crystals emit a frequency range that mimics human voice patterns and purifies sine waves therefore, acting as a sound wave conductor.

Most Common Sensations

Most common immediate physical sensations from Waves for Life mat and pillow:

  • Deep sense of relaxation and peace
  • Deep Breathing
  • Feeling of lightness or a floating sensation
  • Subtle pulsing or waves moving throughout the body
  • Enhanced sleep
  • A feeling of internal and external wholeness
  • An improved physical and mental state

About the Inventor of Waves For Life

Dr. Frye received his chiropractic degree from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1993.  He is trained in several methods: kinesiology, acupuncture, trigger point, diversified, and active reflex technique. Dr. Frye holds two patents on the Air Adjustor instrument, which aids chiropractors in administering a far more effective and lasting adjustment.

As a certified naturopath and chiropractor, along with the addition of his son, Dustin Frye, who holds a degree is medical molecular biology, Frye labs has formulated a multitude of herbal and nutritional nutraceuticals using cutting edge microencapsulation technology which have proven to aid patients in quick recovery. These products are used in clinical settings by doctors around the country. READ MORE