Energy Medicine

Written By: Dustin Frye
SNH 500 Dissertation
Doctor of Naturopathy Program
Trinity School of Natural Health
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Dustin Frye
Trinity School of Naturopathy Dissertation
Energy Medicine
The most fundamental aspect of energy medicine is based on the theory of the body’s biofield and resonant vibrations. The biofield of the human body is described as “the complex, extremely weak electromagnetic field of the organism hypothesized to involve electromagnetic bioinformation for regulating homeodynamics” (Beverly). The biofield gives an insight into why energy medicine in the form of electromagnetics, vibrations, sound, and light as well as other modalities like acupuncture and kinesiology have been shown to be therapeutic. When the body is in perfect health then the resonant vibratory energy of the body is normal. When the body is unhealthy the resonant vibratory energy of the body becomes negative. Energy medicine can take a negative resonating body and bring it back into harmonic resonance. Energy medicine comes in many form like electricity, magnets, mechanical vibrations, sound, light, or even food and herbs. These things can be thought of as simply different forms of wavelength. These forms of energy used as healing tools are based on stimulating the body’s own healing properties or self- healing. Through the laws of quantum physics the body can absorb resonant frequencies through different forms of waves and use those waves to stimulate cellular metabolism thus transforming a disharmonic body to a harmonic health body. Energy is the body’s way of healing itself in order to return to a condition of homeostasis.
But, what is Energy? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of energy is the ability to be active, the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things, natural
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enthusiasm and effort, or usable power that comes from heat, electricity, etc. Energy originates from two different forms. One form being potential energy, which is considered, stored energy. The actual definition of potential energy described by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is the energy something has because of its position or the way its parts are arranged. For example, a coiled spring, water behind a dam, a muscle at rest before it is activated all have the potential for energy, or microscopic cellular molecules waiting for a signal to perform cellular metabolic processes. The second form of energy is Kinetic energy. This energy is described as energy an object has due to its motion like the spring when the pressure is released.
Where does energy come from? All energy exists because matter exists. The human body is matter and therefore we are made of nothing more than energy. The Atom is what all matter, including the human body, is made of and an atom is simply a cluster of positive and negative charges with an electron spinning around creating an electromagnetic energy. Matter is made up of energy proven to us by Albert Einstein and his equation E=mc2, Energy = mass x the speed of light squared. This means that even the atom, which is the smallest particle of matter in which all things are made has energy. The sequence of matter to life starts with energy in the form of protons and electrons, positive and negative particles. When different atoms are combined it makes a molecule, like Oxygen. Molecules combined make compounds, compounds combined make tissue, tissues make organs, organs make organ system and organ systems together make organisms. Everything all the way up at the highest level is still making energy and made of energy or it would not exist. Energy has not been lost from its most basic form the atom up to the most complex, the organism. Energy can manifest itself in different forms like light, sound, heat, or electricity and since we are energy then these things can have a direct effect on our health.
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Whether or not a form of energy is healthy of harmful depends on how the energy acting upon us is measured. Each form of energy can be measured in different intensities, frequencies, or wavelengths. All are the same thing just described in different ways. Different frequencies can have different and profound effects on the human body. For instance, fresh organic garden vegetables, herbs, and essential oils have a certain vibratory resonant frequency and are healthy for the body and therefore have a healthy frequency that is in harmonic balance with the resonant vibratory frequencies of the human body. For example, when we are sick and take Oregano essential oil to kill out the infection the resonating vibrations of the oil have a detrimental effect on the resonant vibrations of the microorganism causing the sickness and they die. The oil’s vibration also has a positive effect on the cells of the body allowing it to enhance its immune response and decrease inflammation. On the other hand, toxins are harmful to the body and have negative unhealthy frequencies that throw off healthy resonant frequencies of the body causing cellular processes to diminish and immune responses to become inhibited. So, we can see that there may be good and bad frequencies that come in many forms and can affect our health.
How can frequencies be quantified? Frequency is measured in hertz and the frequency equation says that frequency equals the wave speed, like light waves, divided by the length of the wave. So, looking at the equations for energy and frequency we see that each has something in common which is light. This correlation can be explained by another equation called Planck’s equation which is E=Fh. In this equation E = Energy (measured in light energy) equals F or frequency x Plancks constant (h). What Plancks equation is saying is Energy is Frequency and since we know that Energy is mass we can see again that all matter that exists is made of frequencies.
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We see that Energy and Frequencies are related and that Energy comes in different forms and different forms of frequencies may have different effect on the human body. When the body is in complete health or homeostasis then its resonant frequency is prefect. When the resonant frequency of the human body is in homeostasis then it can enter into what is called self-healing.
When the body is not healthy then the harmonic resonant vibrational state is thrown off and disease enters. So, how do different forms of energy and different wavelengths affect the human body, its energy and its wavelengths?
Electromagnetic Energy
Dr. Mark Sircus describes the power of energy medicine in his book titled Human Voltage. Dr. Sircus states that voltage is life and life is voltage and is a collaboration of electrons, which all things are made of, and because of this it can be said that all things are made of current, frequencies, magnetic fields, pH, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and light. So, according to Dr. Sircus’ model of life when our voltage increases so do life and health and when our voltage decreases death and sickness ensues. The amount of voltage has been said to control the amount of oxygen and pH of our bodies so voltage is not just some electrical current, it is life itself.
Dr. Sircus states that the body produces its own unique electromagnetic field and when broken down into its parts we see that different tissues and organs all have their own specific frequency. When all cell types, tissues, and organs are healthy and resonating at each own unique frequency, these frequencies harmonize together and put out a specific electromagnetic frequency causing the body to be in a state of homeostasis. According to Dr. Sircus the human body runs between 20-25 millivolts when in a state of homeostasis. When the body becomes unhealthy or injured then it increases its voltage to around 50 millivolts which increases
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circulation for the transportation of nutrients and removal of waste product. Under chronic conditions the body’s voltage can drop as low as 5 millivolts. He also states that the cellular membrane gradient, which is the ability of the cell to transport signals across its membrane in and out of the cell or from cell to cell, uses electrical current in the form of ATP. One example given is the firing of nerve cells.
According to Dr. Sircus the pH of the body can be changed by adding a micro current that will change the electrical field and the electrical potential of cell membranes. When the electrical field and potential of the body changes the mineral concentration and energy production of the cells change. Then, the body can move from an acidic state to a healthy alkaline state. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic, electron deficient, low voltage environment and by increasing the electron pool or voltage of the body through things like micro current therapy, sound wave therapy, fresh air, sunshine, or alkaline foods and water can help to heal cancer.
Some cancer patients have describes feeling and even hearing inside their head a buzzing sound coming from the cancerous tissue. Since we know that each organ or tissue type has its own frequency we can also say that cancer cells also have a specific frequency. The frequency or voltage emitted by cancer cells is out of harmonious resonance with the rest of the surrounding tissue and may be the reason why some cancer patients can feel the negative vibrations. Dr.
Sircus explains that one the proper voltage is restored cellular activity increases to its full potential and cellular waste can be removed, pH then increases, oxygen supply elevates, and inflammation decreases. It has also been seen that prolonged inflammation to a tissue can eventually lead to cancer cell formation and thus changing the voltage of the body may aid in preventing cancer cell formation.
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Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was one of the first to use frequency medicine. In his article titled “HISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF A SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT FOR
CANCER AND OTHER VIRUS, BACTERIA AND FUNGI,” Rife was determined to develop a new microscope in order to determine the cause of cancer and other diseases. He developed several microscopes ranging from 5,000x to 50,000x magnification and could see microorganisms based on their refractive index. What was revealed was various microorganisms, one in particular that he called Bacillus X or Cancer Virus that was seen as a reddish-purple color.
He then hypothesized that electronic frequencies would destroy or devitalize the microorganism provided that they were emitted in correct resonance with the constituents of the virus or bacteria in question. Rife then isolated the cancer virus into a test tube filled with argon gas. A specific frequency was applied to the cancer virus by Rife’s frequency machine. The protocol consisted of a three-minute treatment with the machine set at the correct resonant frequency of the cancer virus and done in three-day intervals. No harm was done to any surrounding tissue, no temperature change of the body was seen, and no special diet was established. When the correct electromagnetic frequency was emitted the mortal oscillatory rate was reached and the cancer virus was destroyed. The following frequencies (Hz) have been used to treat Bacillus X (Cancer Virus) 11780000, 17033662, 1604368, 21275, 17034, 46015.6,
23007.8, 11503.9, 10025, 3713, 2876, 2790, 2128, 2008, 1604.
Since Rife Electromagnetic wave therapy has been disputed back and forth but still today there are many therapies involving electromagnetic waves. A study in 1992 shows that electromagnetic waves were useful in the treatment for acute whiplash injuries. In this study an electromagnetic wave at 27 MHz was used on twenty of forty patients with acute whiplash. All
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patients were given a cervical collar but only half were given the Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy or PEMT collar, the other half of the patients were given a placebo collar. According to the article patients in the PEMT group had significantly less pain within 2 weeks and by 12 weeks were significantly better that the placebo group. (Foley-Nolan et. al.)
In 2003 a study was done to determine the effects of low frequency electromagnetic waves on Multiple Sclerosis patients. The aim of the study was to see if electromagnetic waves would decrease MS related fatigue, spasticity, increase bladder control, and improve overall quality of life. Each patient received four weeks of the electromagnetic wave and 4 weeks of a placebo followed by 2 weeks without any. The results showed definite improvement of overall quality of life and management of MS symptoms. However, there was no significant change in bladder control and mixed results on spasticity (Lappin et. al.).
Electromagnetic therapy has also been used in the treatment of male pelvic pain syndrome associated with prostatitis. During a controlled study, specifically selected men with pelvic floor pain due to prostatitis were chosen. The active group received 15 minutes of pelvic floor electromagnetic wave stimulation at 10Hz followed by another 15 minutes at 50Hz.
Symptoms were analyzed after 3 months then again after 1 year. The results showed a significant decrease in symptoms of the active group while no improvement was seen with the placebo (Rowe et. al.).
Various studies have shown electromagnetic waves to be potentially useful in the treatment of venous leg ulcers. In 1995 a small pilot study showed electromagnetic wave therapy to be beneficial in the healing of venous leg ulcers. The study was a randomized, double blind, controlled clinical trial. Patients with venous leg ulcers were selected and symptoms and pain levels were measured. Sixty-eight percent of patient saw visible reduction in ulcer size and pain
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level. The frequencies used in the study were 800Hz and 600Hz, patients receiving 800Hz showed greater healing and reduced pain level than the 600Hz group and placebo group. There were no reported adverse effects from the treatment on ulcer condition or any surrounding tissue (Kenkre et. al.). The electromagnetic waves seemed to have only beneficial effects on the damaged tissue.
Electromagnetic fields have also been used for treatment of atrial fibrillation, anti-aging, cell function, autism, disease, and even stim cells. In a recent study from 2015 by Lilei Yu and colleagues, low frequencies below 50-60Hz were used to treat Atrial Fibrillation. K-9 test animals were used to induce atrial fibrillation. After induction low lever electromagnetic fields were emitted. The test showed that these low frequency fields significantly increased Atrial Fibrillation threshold, effective refractory period shortened and dispersion increased, and the window of vulnerability increased as well. The neural activity frequency and amplitude to the heart during Atrial Fibrillation was suppressed by introduction of the electromagnetic field.
Anti-Aging research has started to incorporate electromagnetic fields as possible therapies to diminish the aging process. Jerry Jacobson and Benjamin Sherlog concluded in their research article titled Antiaging and Magnetism that electromagnetic fields may be useful in
treating cancer and aging. They state that excess heat can lead to increased aging of the body by producing microscopic scaring. What was found is electromagnetic fields may reduce metabolic activity that is greater than the basal metabolic rate of the human body and thus reduce microscopic scaring.
They have also seen them to decrease stress, anxiety, and tension through parasympathetic stimulation, a state at which the body is at rest. Jerry Jacobson and Benjamin Sherlog hypothesized that resonating electromagnetic field frequencies may be specifically
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targeted to different tissues. They concluded this by finding the nervous system may be controlled by electromagnetic fields. These fields could restore subcellular structures within the nerves and test patients with weakened grip strength and neuropathy saw improvement in both areas. They were then able to conclude that the regeneration of nerve fibers does not have to be neuron based. These same magnetic fields were shown to restore cell to cell communication and accompanying resonant frequencies. Cells are then able to return to homeostasis and rehydrated allowing the body’s communication pathways to open thus, diminishing errors in genetic information transfer.
This research has also shown that electromagnetic fields may also be able to restore damaged tissue as well as target telomeres or telomerase sub units. Telomeres are the end caps of strands of DNA, without them DNA would become unraveled and damaged and over time they decrease in length with age. Telomerase enzyme is produced by the body and function in increasing telomere length thus preserving the cell. Cancer cells actually produce an increased amount of Telomerase enzyme which gives insight into why cancer cells grow rapidly.
Essentially Telomeres and Telomerase sub-units play an essential role in cell aging. Electromagnetic fields were shown to inhibit these Telomeres from shortening and inhibit Telomerase enzyme. This means that there may be improper transfer of genetic information through DNA as a possible cause of cancer cells.
Jacobson and Sherlog hypothesized that the improper transfer of genetic information from cell to cell may be because of a disruption in the correct resonant electromagnetic frequencies of healthy cells. They then state that this incorrect frequency signal can be transferred to other cells or structures like DNA. This means that cells of the body communicate through frequencies and when telomeres of DNA undergo conformational changes due to
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incorrect signaling, the same incorrect signal may be transmitted to the rest of the DNA to encode abnormal genetic information.
Stated by Jacobson and Sherlog, mammary carcinoma cells were treated with electromagnetic frequencies. What resulted was an inhibitory effect on the proliferation rate of the cancer cells, between 31%-and 35% compared to the control group. They also indicate that electrically charged metal ions with in the body may change the electromagnetic field of tissue, thus throwing off the balance of homeostasis and again producing errors in genetic coding. For instance, Calcium resonance at 7Hz applied to human cardiac stem cells increased the transcription and translation of the cardiac cell (Jacobson and Sherlog).
Sound Energy
Extensive research has been done on the use of sound to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure. According to Elliot Salamon and colleagues in their review article “Sound therapy
induced relaxation: down regulating stress processes and pathologies” sound has been used to
reduce stress, anxiety, pain and blood pressure with various condition and medical treatments including abdominal hysterectomies, dialysis treatment, myocardial infraction patients, children before surgery, and during colorectal surgery. These wave lengths enter the body and put the body into a relaxed homeostatic state of health.
It has been shown that one possible reason for the effectiveness of music in these cases is due to its ability to stimulate a positive emotional response. Music can stimulate a positive response and belief in a specific treatment and therefore enhance the body’s natural healing processes. They also note that emotions, stimulating a cerebral cortex and hypothalamic response
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can cause stress, anxiety based cardiovascular issues, increased cortisol levels, and sudden death in patient s with coronary artery disease (Salamon et al.).
A possible mechanism for effects of music is due to the increased production of Nitric Oxide. A physiological pathway is initiated from Cochlear nerve fibers in the ear and enters into the brainstem, then through the Thalamus, and eventually to the auditory cortex of the brain and limbic system that controls basic emotions. Here they are talking about auditory sound frequencies that enter the body through the ear. Although the brain interprets these waves as sound or music the physics is still the same. The music being listened to is nothing more than resonant vibrational waves that have entered into the nervous system via the ear.
There are many healing benefits to the lease of Nitric Oxide including enhanced immune response, neural signaling, antibacterial properties, and vasodilation (Salamon et al). What this means is that sound or music induced Nitric Oxide release may be beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety, increased heart health, protection from viral or bacterial infections by way of stimulating immune responses, vasodilation, and decreased blood pressure.
Another aspect of sound wave therapy comes in the form of Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy or VA. This therapy was developed by Olav Skille in 1968. He developed VA to be applied externally to the body in order to have physiological and psychological effects (Skille et al.) Again, the physics between audible sound and vibrational sound that is felt is the same.
Sound waves enter into the body as frequencies either through the ear or through soft tissue and then into the nervous system. In Skille’s research he defines Vibroacoustic Therapy as “the therapeutic use of Vibroacoustic (VA) equipment and software that emit low frequency sound signals mixed with special audio cassettes. It is a process in which vibrations are applied directly to the body in the form of low frequency sinus tones in combination with selected music.”
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According to in an article titled The Effectiveness of Vibroacoustic Sound
Therapy in Medicine, “The aim of vibroacoustic therapy is to restore the cellular energy lost over
time, thus improving the overall health of the patient. The main claim is that vibration of sound increases cellular movement, which will contribute to the improvement of the body.” When they talk about cellular energy they are talking about the resonant vibration of the cell. When the correct vibrational frequency of the cell is being emitted then the cell is functioning at full potential. When there is something wrong with the cell its cellular energy or vibrational frequency is lost. External sound wave can enter the body and change the bad resonant frequency of a cell back to a healthy frequency and cellular energy is restored. The following is a list of ailments in which observational relief of symptoms were seen by Olav Skille during his research: Rett syndrome, Autism, Spastic conditions, Asthma/Cystic Fibrosis, Abdominal pains/colic pains, Cerebral Palsy, Digestion, Neck/shoulder pains, Menstrual pains/pre- menstrual tension, Pain in the low-back, Acute back pain because of sprained muscles or muscle cramps, Stress-induced depression, Sport injuries, Muscle cramps, General stress discomfort, Insomnia, rheumatic condition , Polyarthritis, Circulatory deficiency, Emphysema, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson, Muscular Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Varicose ulcers, and varicose veins (Skille et al.)
The use of sound waves for therapy has had some attention by Dr. Sulin Cheng profession of Health Science and Technology from the University of Jyväskylä who conducted a controlled clinical trial to determine the effects of sound waves on functional capacity, blood circulation, and bone metabolism in elderly patients. Forty-nine patients between the age of 62 and 93 who needed the use of either a walker or cane, had at least nine chronic diseases, and were on prescription drugs were chosen. Subjects underwent six months of therapy under a
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Physioacoustic Soundwave Therapy chair three to five times a week for thirty minutes. The first two weeks of treatment frequency ranges were between 27Hz and 50Hz to get patients used to the treatment. Starting at week three frequencies ranged from 27Hz to 90Hz. After six months of treatment 44% of patients associated a relief of symptoms to the physioacoutstic chair therapy.
The benefits recorded included “disappearing of overnight foot pain, feet feeling lighter, feeling refreshed, better daily functioning, decreased blood pressure and increased social interaction.”
There is also a section therapeutic sound frequency below 20 Hz that is not in the audible range of human hearing as defined by the American National Standards Institute. It has been shown that infrasound at 16Hz stimulated the expression and distribution of glial fibrillary acidic protein or GFAP in the brain. The number of GFAP cells grew with increasing time under infrasound bombardment (Xiang et al.) The function of GFAP is to provide support and strength to cells and is found in different tissues but particularly found in Astroglial cells which provide nourishment to cells in the brain and spinal cord. After injury in the brain or spinal cord Astroglial cells upregulate the production of GFAP ( Again,
we see sound waves entering into the nervous system and restoring health to the body.
In 2013 a study was done by Hou Long and colleagues on the effects of infrasound on the formation and growth of bone tissue known as osteogenesis. Test mice were chosen which had defects or fractures in the femoral bone of the leg. The mice were exposed to a thirty-minute infrasound treatment twice a week for six weeks. After six weeks the femur was analyzed by radiography, peripheral quantitative computerized tomography, histology and immunofluorescence assay. What the test showed was infrasound treated bone healed better and with a smoother finish and enhanced modeling. Bone mineral content and bone density was also
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increased. The results of this study also showed that the effect of neuropeptide Y was decreased, which is produced in the sympathetic nervous system as a vasoconstrictor. (Long et. al.)
Beneficial effects of infrasound have also been seen in the treatment of myocardial infractions or heart attacks. Liu Zaho-hong and a group of scientists proposed the idea of treating heart attacks with infrasound. In their study they tested infrasound waves on rats with acute myocardial infraction. They tested the effect on heart myocardium structure, Nitric Oxide release, and Endothelin-1. “Endothelin-1 is a potent vasoconstrictor peptide, and patients with chronic heart failure are reported to have high plasma ENT-1 level” (Kinugawa et. al.) The results of
their research concluded damaged myocardium was reduced, Nitric Oxide vasodilator was significantly increased, ENT-1 was significantly decreased, and heart function was improved (Zaho-hong et. al.) By sending a healthy sound frequency into the body the heart became healthier and the effects of a heart attack were lessened.
Research conducted by Xi-ming Wang showed that acupuncture produces infrasound waves. In Wang’s article titled Analysis on the mechanism of acupuncture infrasound energy in
treatment of diseases, it was discovered that acupuncture produced vibrational waves or
infrasound that closely related to the same infrasound frequencies of the human body. The frequencies that acupuncture produced were between 2-15 Hz which is well below the 20 Hz maximum of infrasound. Wang states that the calculated acupuncture waves had “small total energy, small amplitude, strong voice, and orientation spreading along the meridian line.
Because the meridian lines are the good pathway to spread low-frequency sound, acupuncture infrasound energy can successfully pass the meridian lines to reach the focus, penetrate the morbid tissues and improve the functions of tissues or organs.”
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A particular protein called Peptide YY (PYY) was shown to be influenced by infrasound waves. PYY is a protein produced in the gastrointestinal tract in response to food intake. PYY sends signals from the gut to appetite controlling parts within the brain. (Batterham& Bloom) The function of PYY is to make you feel full to inhibit overeating. Test mice exposed to infrasound showed an increased content of PYY. Increasing concentration of PYY directly paralleled with the increase of frequency and intensity of infrasound. Infrasound frequencies used were 8Hz at 90dB, 8Hz at130dB, 16Hz at 130dB, all of which resulted in the increase of PYY in the intestinal mucosa of the test mice. An interesting note is that the mice seem to have adapted to the infrasound exposure over time and PYY expression dropped. (Gou et. al.) In conclusion of this research one can see that infrasound can have an effect on the bodies way of controlling appetite, increase the infrasound to the right frequencies and appetite suppression mechanisms are induced within the body.
There is currently some conflicting evidence on whether infrasound is beneficial or harmful to cells of the body. Some research shows great benefit as we have seen but research done by others show different. In one study 16Hz of infrasound at 130 decibels impaired neuron function and decreased learning and memory abilities in test mice (Shi et al). In another infrasound damage was seen in cardiac myocytes of neonatal rats after treatment at 5hz and 130 decibels which, induced apoptosis or cell death and apoptotic proteins within the cardiac cells (Pei et al) Rat Muller cells treated with infrasound at 130 decibels struggled to proliferate or reproduce, Muller cells are found in vertebrates and function to support neurons within the retina.(Gou et al) Damaging effects of the central auditory canal of the ear has been seen due to infrasound at 120 decibels.(Zhagn et al) It seems that the deciding factor between therapeutic infrasound and damaging infrasound is the volume or decibels used. In many of the test done on
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infrasound providing health to the cells the decibels used were below 90. For instance, infrasound used at 79-86 Hz was tested on bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells extracted from female Sprague Dawley rats. At this lower decibel range the infrasound inhibited apoptosis and apoptotic proteins of the stems cells (He et al). Another positive effect on cell health and function was seen on Huma B lymphoma Raji cancer cells treated with infrasound under 90 decibels. Although infrasound under 90 decibels did not kill the cancer cells it did cause structural changes within the cells, like shortening of microvilli. Microvilli are external microstructures on the cell wall which allow for increased cell surface for absorption and various other cellular functions. The shortening of the microvilli may lead to an inhibition of cell function. (Bao et al) A longer length of treatment with sound waves may have produced even greater effects on the cancer cells.
A particularly beneficial aspect of infrasound therapy is its ability to initiate a deep relaxed parasympathetic state. Rats treated with infrasound showed a decrease level of norepinephrine. (Spyraki et al) Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter in the brain released in response to stress or some type of sympathetic stimulus. Its function is to cause vasoconstriction, increase heart rate, and elevate blood pressure. (http://medical- The effects of low pressure or low frequency
audible sound and infrasound were tested on sleep patterns of healthy adults. The results of the experiment showed that audible low frequency sound did not help sleep patterns and was actually harmful to the test subject while the non-audible infrasound had positive effects on sleep patterns. (Okada & Inaba) When the body is in a deep relaxed state the parasympathetic nervous system is activated and cellular self-healing processes begin.
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Sound within the audible range may also have healing properties that could be useful in many clinical practices. Katherine Creath, Ph.D. and Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. conducted research on the effects of sound and healing frequencies on seed germination and growth. They state that there are many studies showing that sound has a positive effect on the germination and growth of plants and that plants are just as sensitive as humans for testing. These positive sound waves enhanced healthy cellular growth. We have seen that positive sound waves can have a detrimental effect on unhealthy cells, like cancer. Sound vibrations as well as audible sound frequencies have been used to stimulate germination and growth of a seed or plant. In Creath and Schwartz research seeds were placed in different chambers. Chambers were made surrounded by convoluted acoustical foam. Sand in the bottom of the chambers isolated a speaker from direct mechanical vibration of the seeds between each chamber. Seeds were placed in a Petri dish and put in a sealed plastic container suspended in the top of the chamber. Different sounds were played through different chambers while other chambers had no sound.
Helen Lindquist Bonny goes into great depths of the benefits of music and its healing properties in her paper “Music and Healing”. Many patients have seen benefits of music therapy. Some of the ailments treated with music include mental and emotional disorders due to retardation, psychosocial problems, psychiatric disorders, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, sensory impairments, epilepsy, birth defects and cancer. (Bonny 1986)
Music therapy can be defined as “as the systematic application of music as directed by
the music therapist to bring about changes in the emotional and/ or physical health of the person.” According to Bonny there are 3 characteristics of music that make it therapeutic; Music is non- verbal and multi-dimensional while providing meaning on several levels at the same time. The second characteristic is that music initiates an emotional response and therefore can change our
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emotional states. The third characteristic described by Bonny is that music causes physical responses such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and release of tension and endorphins.
Music stimulates symbolic representation, meaning that music can create “imagery and fantasy or renewal of memories, where clinical situations dictate these as the treatment of choice”. The last characteristic of music is that it can stimulate and enhance certain senses such as touch, taste, vision, and smell. Sound is transmitted through the ear to the ear drum and then through nerves to the brain where the brain perceives it as an audible sound but the ear is not the only thing that can perceive sound; According to Bonny “Music reaches us through the skin, bones, and viscera.” According to Bonny some studies have seen that the human bodies oscillating biological rhythms such as heart beat, breathing, and nerve impulses are related to environmental rhythms of the world we live like, the rotation of the earth, the rotation of the earth and moon around the sun, and the tides created by the moon. Therefore, one can infer that there may be certain correlations between these same biological rhythms of the human body and different types of music or sound frequencies.
Bonny states that a technique called “entrainment” can take music and synchronize it with biological states of the body thus causing physical changes due to different variations in music. We have seen that mood can affect different biological functions of the body and according to Bonny, entrainment can influence mood by using tempo and the mood of music to cause physical changes in our biological systems. Entrainment has been used to reduce pain and cause muscle relaxation, reduce anxiety and pain in dental surgery, reduce levels of the stress hormone ACTH, and raise levels of endorphins. Bonny also noted that music can be used in auto-conditioning of the mind and body. She sates that pregnant women were selected for musical entrainment leading up to and during labor and delivery. It was found that music
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increased attention and focus and therefore increasing pain tolerance, induced relaxation. Auto- conditioning using music caused relaxation during birth and reinforced breathing patterns by playing the same music during pre-labor classes. In fact, in one study noted by Bonny 100% of women displayed reduced pain during labor as a result on auto-conditioned music.
An Oncologist by the name of Mitchel Gaynor became experienced in the healing properties of sound after many encounters with his patients seeking out alternative modalities outside of the treatments he was giving. In his book titled The Healing Power of Sound, Gaynor recalls his first experience with sound healing through one of his patients who was a Tibetan Monk with Cardiomyopathy, enlargement of the heart. This patient of his seemed to be getting better against all odds and when Gaynor asked about it his patient told him about meditation through traditional Tibetan singing bowls. Gaynor decided to try for himself and after help from his patient picking out the right bowls; he started using them every day. Gaynor explains his results from these bowls in his book. They include reduced stress, less susceptible to conflicts and thing that would usually irritate him. He also noted that he became much more compassionate towards his patients and his patients responded much more positively because of that.
Gaynor describes in his book the work of a French physician by the name of Alfred Tomatis. Tomatis was an expert in the healing properties of sound. In the 1960’s Tomatis was called in to investigate an occurrence of sever fatigue that was plaguing 70 of the 90 monks at a monastery in South France. No one knew the cause of this extreme exhaustion until Tomatis heard of a young abbot who was called to the monastery by the Catholic Church during the Vatican II reforms of that time. The young abbot commanded that the monks stop their Gregorian Chants of six to eight hours a day and replace that time with what the Catholic Church
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deemed more meaningful. After Tomatis learned of this and had all the monks return to their daily chants and the results showed that within five month all the monks were completely normal again, even with their routine of only a few hours of sleep per night.
Singing bowls, chants, bells, or even chimes are all ways of brining harmony back to the body by changing the vibrations of the human body back to the correct resonant frequency of healthy tissue. Gaynor goes on to state “…healing can be achieved by restoring the normal vibratory frequency of the disharmonious and therefore diseased part of the body. If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, and then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our body.”
Gaynor also found scientific research on the healing powers of sound. One article found was that of Dr. David Simon, Medical director of Neurological Services at Sharp Cabrillo Hospital in San Diego, California. Simon states that chant and music chemically metabolize into endogenous opiates that act as natural pain killers and promote healing.
Gaynor also talks about the power of entrainment, which we have previously seen. He defines entrainment as vibrations of one object are projected upon another object with a similar frequency causing the two objects to resonate at the same frequency. The same phenomenon goes with sound wave frequencies and the human body. This leads to an aspect of entrainment found by Gaynor called sonic entrainment. This type of sound entrainment may have a subtle effect on the human body physically or a more pronounced effect psychologically affecting our emotions and behavior and thus correcting ailments on the cellular level.
Yet another form of entrainment called Brainwave Entrainment has been studied. According to Tina L. Huang, PhD; Christine Charyton, PhD in their review article titled A
Frye 22
Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment, brainwave
entrainment uses stimuli, either sound or light, to match brainwave frequency to the same frequency of the stimuli. Their review found Brainwave Entrainment to enhance cognition, relieve stress and anxiety, pain relief, headaches, migraines, enhance mood and behavior, and lessen the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
Crystal Energy and Quantum Physics
So, we have seen that frequencies in the form of sound waves, electromagnetic waves, and even vibrational waves can have a significant effect on the human body. What about frequencies that are not physically produced by a machine? We know that all things have a resonant frequency; so what kind of affects can naturally produce frequencies from inanimate objects like crystals or stones have?
According to Dr. Kelly Neff they can have very powerful healing effects on our bodies and minds. Dr. Neff is a social psychologist and professor of psychology with a B.A. in Psychology from Georgetown and a M.A. as well as a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate University. Neff states that crystals have the lowest amount of entropy on anything on Earth. What this means is that crystalline structure absorbs all different resonant frequencies around them which causes them to emit their own specific resonant frequency.
Because of their low entropy structure, they can take in disharmonic frequencies and reemit them into harmonic frequencies that are in tune with their surroundings.
The power behind the healing properties of crystal structures can only be explained through quantum physics. Belinda Davidson with Aleph-Healing describes these laws of physics from her web page She states that humans as well as all living things are
Frye 23
composed of energy and this energy is emitted in the form of electromagnetic frequencies. All of these emitted frequencies of the entire earth and all living things within the earth are always connected and interacting with each other. There are several laws of science that explain how this works.
The first is Newton’s Law that says all things are made of atoms and atoms are solid particles with protons and electrons in orbit around it. Science has also shown us that an electron is not found at a specific location and is always moving. This movement causes a resonant vibration or an electromagnetic field. We know that all things are made of spinning electrons and protons that make up the atom and crystals are no exception. So, crystals too have their own electromagnetic frequencies and can impact our own frequency range. The physics behind how two frequency waves interact with each other show us that certain crystals may bring a disharmonic electromagnetic field of a human body back into harmonic resonance.
The second law is the Field Theory. This law states that particles in space create a form of disturbance around them and when a second particle is near, the disturbance of the two particles affect each other. From this we now know that we live in a world where we all experience interacting forces or energy fields.
The third is the Theory of Relativity published by Albert Einstein in 1905. This law states that time and space go together to form a four-dimensional universe known as the space time continuum. Einstein states “Mass is nothing but a form of energy and matter is simply slowed down or crystalized energy” and since things are forms of mass and matter we can see that all things, living and non-living, are particles of energy moving at different speeds.
Another scientific discovery is the discovery of the bioelectric field. In the 1940s a researcher and professor named Harold Burr took photographs of bioelectric fields of plants.
Frye 24
What he saw when photographing seeds of plants was that the bioelectric field took the shape of the mature plant that the seed was to become. What this means is that the cells of the human body which also contain a bioelectric field are influenced by this filed because it acts like a blueprint for that cell and what it is to become.
Quantum physics has proven to us that subatomic particles can be physical particles or waves and even both at the same time. From this we now know that these particles or masses can be converted to energy through the equation E=mc2 where m is equal to the mass or particle.
When you rearrange the equation, you can see that energy or E can be converted to the Mass. So, in conclusion, subatomic particles can either be mass or energy and one can appear or even disappear at any time. According to quantum physics everything is composed of the same energy so we can now see that the energy of a mass or say a crystal can influence the energy of another mass like a human cell.
J.S Bell developed what we call Bell’s mathematical theory that states subatomic particles can affect each other. This mathematical theory states that subatomic particles are connected by energy fields that are totally irrelevant of space and time. This means that one particle can affect another particle up close or even half way across the globe. Since we know that particles can also be energy or frequencies we can also say that one frequency wave can affect another frequency wave without time or space (distance) being a factor.
An example of this was found in 1952 by a man names Lyall Watson. Watson found a young wild monkey called Macaca who was being observed by scientists. The scientists were dropping sweet potatoes in the sand and Macaca and her family of monkeys loved to eat them. Macaca did not like the sand on the potatoes so she learned to wash them before she ate them. The interesting thing is that Macacas mother learned to do the same from her and other adult
Frye 25
monkeys also learned from her but the adults did not learn from each other. Soon they realized that other colonies of monkeys that were totally separate from Macacs group and that had no interaction with each other also started to wash their potatoes. In some way this new learned behavior changed the interpretational resonant energy field between the groups of monkeys. The outside groups could pick up on this energy change and the learning of washing potatoes became also instinct. This discovery yet again gives an insight on how the resonant frequency of crystalline structures could affect our bodies and lives.
Another experiment that explains this was by Digibio Laboratory in Claremart, USA. Scientist could take a genuine pig heart and keep it beating using cardiac bypass technology. While they had the heart beating they introduced two different drugs into the heart to make the blood vessels either dilate or constrict. They then measured the electromagnetic frequencies of each drug and induced the heart with each frequency. What happened was that the heart reacted the same way as is if it were given the drugs. The heart vessels dilated with one frequency and constricted with the other.
Other experiments have been done to test different effects of frequencies with astounding results. For instance, people hooked to a specific image producing machine can influence that machine to produce a certain image more times than not purely based on the intent of that person, people have need shown to raise or lower heart rate and muscle contraction by purely focusing
on that area of intent, and AIDs patients have received great result by being treated by healers from different areas of the country while never physically being seen by their healer. With the discover of quantum physics and the realization that our bodies are connected and always interpreting the entire universe through frequency waves, which can also become physical mass,
Frye 26
gives insight that there is more to healing than what modern medicine thinks and provides knowledge into the healing properties of crystals.
Light Energy
We have discussed several times about Einstein’s theory of relativity E=MC2 and about two parts of the equation, Energy and Mass, but there is still a third. The third aspect of the equation is “C”, which represents the speed of light. Light is a type electromagnetic wave that has very similar wave patterns and particles as normal electromagnetic waves (Rojas and Lima). Low Level Light Therapy or LLLT uses low frequency red or infrared light usually through LEDs emitting the same frequency range in which cellular tissues absorb light. LLLT is a low level nondestructive concentrated laser or LED light converted from luminous energy to metabolic cellular energy allowing for a so called “kick start” of cellular processes.
Molecules within cells can be activated by LLLT causing conformational changes of these molecules which begins cellular process like tissue healing to occur. There are two types of cellular molecules that are responsive to light. One type is called photoreceptors. These molecules are specialized to for energy conversion. Some examples include chlorophyll found in plants, rod and cone opsins found within the eye and melanopsin which functions in the regulation on internal biological clocks. The second type of molecules is called photoacceptors. These molecules are not specific to any light receiving organ like the eyes or skin but are still able to absorb light.
Photoacceptors are usually associated with metabolic pathways and are very abundant within the body, these are the main source of beneficial affects seen with LLLT. Within photoreceptors and photoacceptors is a metal ion within a protein called a chromophore and is
Frye 27
the reason for light absorption. Chromophores absorb light frequency ranges that are the same ranges of LLLT. When Chromophores absorb light their electrons are excited and the resonance of the cell changes causing a conformational change of molecules involved with metabolic pathways. There is a general rule concerning the chemistry of that body that states the shape of something dictates its function. So, when the shape of something changes its function changes. When a molecule’s conformational or shape change occurs within a cell, certain cellular processes begin. So, we see that light absorbed in cells of the body can cause a kick start of metabolic pathways and self-healing mechanisms of the body. An example is seen with the Pineal gland. The Pineal gland has photoreceptors that absorb blue light at 420nm, when this light is absorbed chromophores are excited and melatonin is secreted allowing for control of the sleep wake cycle.
Light waves or light frequencies have been seen to affect the human body at the cellular level. LLLT at frequencies of 660 nm, 820 nm, 870 nm, and 880 nm were used in a study done by Steve Young PhD and colleagues to see if Macrophage activity could be stimulated.
Macrophage play an important role in wound repair and protecting the body against pathogens and apoptotic cells. Young used a macrophage-like cell called cell U-937. These cells were exposed to the four different frequencies of light for twelve hours. After, the cells were placed on a culture of 3T3 fibroblasts. A fibroblast is a cell that is involved with the production of collagen, which makes up the cellular structure in animal tissues. The results of the study showed that light waves 660 nm, 820 nm, and 870 nm caused the U-937 cell cultures to release factors involved in the growth and production of fibroblasts, a process associated with tissue proliferation or wound healing. The last light wave, 880 nm, inhibited stimulation of the U-937 cells proliferatory
Frye 28
actions. This study shows how different light wave frequencies can have different effects on the human body at the cellular level.
Michael R. Hamblin from Massachusetts General Hospital who graduated from Harvard Medical School and Harvard-MIT and his colleague Tatian Demidova also from Massachusetts General Hospital and graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine wrote an article titled Mechanisms of Low Light Therapy in 2006. In their article they discuss how low light laser frequencies act on the human body at a molecular level by stating “Mitochondria are thought to be a likely site for the initial effects of light, leading to increased ATP production, modulation of reactive oxygen species and induction of transcription factors. These effects in turn lead to increased cell proliferation and migration (particularly by fibroblasts), modulation in levels of cytokines, growth factors and inflammatory mediators, and increased tissue oxygenation.” The results of this study showed that light therapy was able to increase chronic wound healing, heal sports injuries, carpal tunnel, relieve pain, and heal damaged tissues from heart attacks, strokes, and nerve impairment.
We know that in order for light waves to affect cellular tissue, light must be absorbed by a molecular photoacceptors within the cell. Low level light therapy (LLLT) has been shown to work in this way. LLLT works by the cellular absorption of visible near infrared and red laser light through cellular photoacceptors. Cells within the body that have photoacceptor sites include hemoglobin which is the major molecule for oxygen transportation in the blood, myoglobin and cytochrome oxidase antioxidants, superoxide dismutase which is one of the bodies super antioxidants, cytochrome c, cytochrome b, nitric oxide synthase that stimulates the production of nitric oxide, catalase, guanylate cyclase, and cryptochromes which are involved in cell reproduction.
Frye 29
Cellular tissue is able to absorb between 650 nm and 1200 nm of light which is in the range of red and infrared light and this is why these two forms are mainly used in low level light therapy. (Karu and Afanas’eva 1995). Some positive results of light therapy include increased
circulation through the formation of new capillaries, increased production of collagen and fibroblasts which help to repair damaged tissue and decrease scar tissue formation, upregulation of RNA and DNA synthesis, initiation of the healing process for wounds or inflamed tissue, release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for energy allowing the healing process to occur, stimulation of the lymphatic system to flush out toxins and waste from damaged or inflamed tissue, relive pain through the emission of negative ions which cause the body to release positive ions and stimulate the nerves of the affected area, initiation of the parasympathetic nervous system through the release of acetyl choline which is involved in pain relief and metal clarity, increased phagocyte activity and body temperature within the area of treatment which allows for the removal of damaged tissue and destruction of heat sensitive bacterial and viral infections (Quartz, Amethyst. “BioMat Far Infrared Therapeutic Mats”).
Low level infrared light has also been used in Dentistry to improve wound healing time. In a study titled Comparison of the low-level laser therapy effects on cultured human gingival
fibroblasts proliferation using different irradiance and same fluence, dentists and scientist
observed the effects of infrared laser light therapy on the proliferation of gum line tissue cells called gingival fibroblasts. These cells play a vital role in the healing of gingival or oral gum tissue.
The results of this study showed that gingival fibroblast cultures exposed to low level infrared light and grown on minimal nutrient culture plates grew at the same rate or better than the same tissue grown on optimal nutrient culture plates without infrared exposure. This study
Frye 30
shows that light frequencies can heal damaged tissue even when the nutrient content that is necessary for healing is lacking. The healing due to the light frequencies is due to the inherent healing properties of infrared light and the laws of quantum physics. The cells of damages tissues are harmonized and resonate at a frequency seen in healthy cells thus, causing the cells to act like healthy cells again and initiating cellular processes for tissue repair. Other studies with LLLT on fibroblast show that it can increase cellular metabolism, DNA synthesis, and growth rate which are all signs of the bodies self-healing process initiated by light energy (Lopes et al).
LLLT can stimulate a molecule within a cell called cytochrome c oxidation when it is in the presence of cytochrome oxidase. The function of these two molecules is to increase cellular oxygen consumption as well as mitochondrial membrane permeability allowing for increase nutrients in and out of the cell and increased intracellular activity leading to greater energy production, accelerated electron flow, and overall cell health (Lopes et al). Not only does Cytochrome C increase oxygen to mitochondria it can also increase oxygen to the Brain. In doing so it may lead to a possible therapy for Alzheimer’s patients.
In a study titled Low-Level Light Therapy Improves Cortical Metabolic Capacity and
Memory Retention by JC Rojas and colleagues showed that LLLT may be beneficial in the
treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. They state that LLLT has the ability to enhance the metabolic pathway of neurons by stimulating cytochrome oxidase located with mitochondria which may lead to increased oxygen to the brain. In their experiment mice were subjected to prefrontal cortex activation through activation of fear. The effects of LLLT were seen through the measurement of prefrontal cortex oxygen concentration through scientific tested called fluorescent quenching oximetry and quantitative cytochrome oxidase histochemistry.
Frye 31
The results showed that LLLT activation of cytochrome oxidase increased oxygen consumption in the prefrontal cortex, memory extinction of fear was enhanced, and the reemergence of fear and fear response was reduced. They concluded that LLLT can stimulate cortical metabolic capacity and help retain memories evolved in the removal and desensitization of a stimulus, in this case fear. Light frequencies using LLLT may be a novel approach to enhanced memory capabilities.
LLLT anti-inflammatory properties were tested in one study by Aimbire and colleagues. This study showed that acute induced Achilles tendonitis can be treated with light waves at 880 nm. This was achieved by reducing the number of anti-inflammatory cells and by decreasing mRNA expression of cytokines (Xavier et al.). The anti-inflammatory properties of LLLT may also be beneficial in muscle tissue. Studies have shown LLLT to stimulate stem cells and progenitor cells which are present in muscle tissue. This may lead to increased muscle self- healing from injury and alleviation of muscle fatigue (Ferraresi et. al). A compound within the body called NFT or Tumor Necrosis Factor is involved in initiating inflammation following acute trauma. Treatment with LLLT reduced the production of NFT in almost equivalent amount as the common drug Chlorpromazine which is commonly given as an anti-inflammatory (Aimbire, F., et al.)
Light waves were also used to treat patients with chronic ulcers. Forty-five patients were chosen that had ulcer in which modern conventional medicine could not heal. The patients were divided into several groups. The first group was treated with a hand-held helium neon laser. The Second group was also treated with the same laser but with the addition of infrared pulsed at 904 nm. The third group was treated with noncoherent unpolarized light. The study concluded that the groups treated with helium neon laser and helium neon laser plus infrared received excellent
Frye 32
healing. The group receiving helium neon laser and infrared achieved the greatest healing and the group receiving noncoherent unpolarized light demonstrated a low percentage of healing. Out of the helium neon and infrared group, five patients had reoccurring ulcers and were all healed after multiple scheduled treatments (Bihari and Mester).
Another use for light therapy may come in the treatment of hair loss. In a review of current research done on LLLT and its effects on hair loss show that it may be a viable treatment for the loss of hair in men and women. The hypothesized mechanism is the stimulation of epidermal stem cells within the hair follicle bulge by LLLT (Avci et. Al.)
In a study done by Mohammed Ihsan, Ph.D. showed that LLLT may be a viable therapy in promoting circulation. Stimulation of circulation can be usefully in things like wound healing or swelling of arms and legs due to decreased circulatory issues. In Ihsan’s study the results of LLLT at 904nm showed an increase of Adenosine, Growth Hormone, and Fibroblast Growth Factor. Collateral blood vessels increased within the area of treatment as well as the diameter of all the original blood vessels. The increases in the number of blood vessels and the diameter of blood vessels resulted in a significant increase in collateral circulation and microcirculation.
These studies show how laser light therapy can affect the body and stimulate micro molecules within cells. They also showed that different wave lengths of laser light can stimulate different areas of the body, different tissue types and different molecules within cellular tissue. When the cells absorbed the light is caused conformational changes of cellular molecules and the resonant vibratory energy of the tissues changed allowing for many different healing affects to seen.
One of the most natural forms of energy medicine comes from natural sunlight. In the same way that the human body absorbs sound waves, infrared laser light, and electromagnetic
Frye 33
waves, the body can absorb sun waves. We know that some of the greatest benefits of the sun is the conversion of its rays into Vitamin D within the body and growth to all living plant life. The sun’s rays are nothing more that specific frequencies and we know that frequency waves can have major effects on the human body.
Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter that sends signals between the nerves of the body. It is mainly found in the digestive system but can also be found in blood platelets and throughout the nervous system. It is made from the amino acid Tryptophan found in red meat, nuts, and cheese. One of the main functions of Serotonin is to stabilize mood and emotions.
Studies have shown that Serotonin turnover by the brain increases with bright light like the sun and continues to increase as the luminosity increases (Lambert et. Al.). These finding show serotonin turnover by the brain leads to mood enhancement and reasoning for seasonal affective disorder where people become significantly more depressed during winter or areas where sunlight is diminished most of the year.
In a study done by Francesco Benedetti natural sunlight was shown to be a viable therapy for bipolar disorder. In this study two groups of patients with extended stay in a hospital were observed. One group observed had windows facing the east and the other group faced the west. What they saw was that the group facing east spent an average of 3.67 less days in the hospital that the group facing the west (Benedetti et. Al.). The morning sun being brighter in the morning than the setting sun in the evening stimulated a greater turnover rate of Serotonin and patients’ mood elevated and healing time decreased.
Vitamin D is a very important vitamin used by the body to aid in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, maintain and normal immune system, and even reduce depression. Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin because the body can absorb the rays of
Frye 34
the sun and convert them into vitamin D. When the rays of the wavelength emitted by the sun hit our skin solar ultraviolet B photons are absorbed. Ultraviolet B photons or UVB photons are electromagnetic radiation waves with wavelength between 290 and 320nm (http://medical- A molecule within the cells of the skin called 7-
dehydrocholesterol is responsible for the absorption of UVB photons. From there UVB photons are converted to previtamin D3 and then to vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 deficiency can lead to things such as rickets, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and type 1 diabetes (Holick). By absorbing energy through the skin in the form of sunlight at 290-320nm the risk of getting all of these diseases can be greatly diminished.
Homeopathic Medicine
Homeopathic medicine is energy medicine. Homeopathy was developed in Germany in the 18th century. The healing affect is based on the principle of “like cures like” meaning that a disease can be cured by a remedy that produces the symptoms of said disease in a healthy person. Homeopathy states that the natural state of the body has the ability to heal itself provided the right stimulant. According to Phyllis Balch in her book Prescriptions for Natural Healing, what we see as symptoms are actually the bodies’ way of trying to protect itself against disease so we should not try to suppress the symptoms but try to stimulate them. She also states that homeopathy treats the person as a whole and not just the symptoms. This includes a person’s physical, mental, and emotional state. Balch also notes that different concentrations of homeopathic remedies affect different aspects of the body. The lower the potency of a homeopathic remedy the greater the effect on the organs and illnesses. Medium potencies are
Frye 35
said to affect the nervous system and higher potencies 60x and above affect mental conditions. In homeopathy lower the dose the more effective/higher the potency. Homeopathic remedies are made from plants, minerals, and even animals and are produced in the form of sugar pellets, creams, liquid drops, or tablets. For example, the homeopathic remedy for poison ivy called Rhus toxicodedron is actually made from poison ivy but it has been diluted down many times. Some homeopathic remedies have been diluted down so many times that there is little to none of the constituent left. So how would a homeopathic remedy still work if there is basically no measurable substance left? The answer is energy. Homeopathy works because of the resonating frequencies of the substance used and in some cases, this is really all that is left. The energy left in the remedy reacts with the negative energy of a body in a diseased state and turns it back into harmonic state of health.
In a paper titled “Adaptive network nanomedicine: an integrated model for homeopathic medicine” by Iris R. Bell and Gary E. Schwartz the science behind how homeopathic medicine works is explained. Research shows that nanoparticle of the bulk ingredient used are left over in an alcohol solution after agitation. They state that these nanoparticles “have enhanced bioavailability, adsorptive capabilities, adjuvant reactivity, electromagnetic and quantum properties compared with their bulk forms.” This research also shows that these nanoparticles initiate nontoxic doses of the body’s own highly interconnected adaptive responses called Hormesis. Hormesis refers to the bodies adaptive processes that brings the body back into homeostasis in response to low level environmental stressor or a toxin. In hormesis the lower the dose typically serves as a stimulatory response and the higher the dose serves as an inhibitory response. This is the same concept that homeopathic medicines work under. This study states that low level hermetic doses over a life time may lead to longevity and resilience.
Frye 36
The research also showed that other nanoparticles were absorbed on to the surface of the nanoparticles from the homeopathic medicine. These nanoparticles have higher bioavailability and activity within the body that in their bulk forms allowing for greater access to cells. This causes a response within the cells to activate cell defense systems such as inflammasomes, cytokines, and heat shock proteins. Electron microscopy showed the evidence of nanoparticles with in metal homeopathic remedies of 6c, 30c, and 200c dilutions. Bell and Schwartz state that with conventional methods of dilution, pharmacology says that no active particles should exist in homeopathic medicine diluted past 24x but we have just seen by an electron microscope nanoparticle existing way past 24x.
In July of 1991 a randomized clinical trial was conducted in Nicaragua to test the efficacy of homeopathic medicine on acute childhood diarrhea. A homeopathic medicine was tested against a placebo on 81 children six month to five years of age. After 5 days both groups received a follow up. The results of this study showed that the homeopathic medicine given significantly reduced the duration of diarrhea and the number of stool per day. Even though there was very little actual active ingredient in the homeopathic medicine the children saw positive results. The most significant portion of the medicine was not physically the active ingredient in the bottle but it was the energy or frequency waves left within. After taking the homeopathic medicine, the frequency waves entered the body and were able to harmonize the disharmonic cells of the digestive system and the children saw significant results. This is just one example of how homeopathic medicine works through the power of energy.
The treatment of acute otitis media (middle ear inflammation/infection) with homeopathic medicine has been studied. The popularity of homeopathic medicine to treat otitis increased after the typical use of antibiotics came under question. A randomized double blind
Frye 37
placebo control pilot study titled Homeopathic treatment of acute otitis media in children: a
preliminary randomized placebo-controlled trial was conducted in 2001 in Seattle, WA to test the
efficacy of homeopathic medicine in the treatment of acute otitis media. Seventy-five children from 18 months to 6 years who had middle ear effusion and ear pain with or without fever were selected. The children were separated into two groups. One group received and individualized homeopathic medicine and the other group received a placebo. The children were treated for five days or when symptoms subsided. They tested the number of treatment failures, Diary symptom scores, and middle ear effusion evaluated. This study resulted in fewer treatment failures and decrease in Diary scores in the homeopathic medicine group. They concluded that individualized homeopathic medicine may be a positive treatment for acute otitis media.
Homeopathic medicine has seen promise in the treatment of cancer. In one study by Kumar and colleagues titled Inhibition of Chemically Induced Carcinogenesis by Drugs Used in
Homeopathic Medicine mice with chemically induced liver cancer were treated with several
different homeopathic remedies known to aid in the treatment of cancer. Among the remedies were Ruta, Hydrastis, Lycopodium and Thuja. The Administration of N’-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA) and 3-methylcholanthrene were used to induce liver cancer in the test mice. After treatment with homeopathic, cancer marker enzymes gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, glutamate pyruvate transaminase, glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase, and alkaline phosphatase were measured. Treatment of the homeopathic remedies slowed cancer growth in the liver and reduced elevated cancer marker enzymes with Ruta showing the most promise. Specifically, the activity of glutamyl transpeptidase, which is a marker for cell proliferation, was decreased by 55.4% by the homeopathic remedy Ruta 200c. Ruta 200c also caused a partial reduction in GSH. NDEA also increased the level of bilirubin within the liver. Bilirubin levels were decreased after
Frye 38
treatment with these homeopathic remedies. The livers of “NDEA group had significant necrosis, hemorrhage, and multiple foci of carniomatous changes.” (Kumar et al) The liver cells also showed extensive damage. Ruta 200c prevented any of the carcinomatous changes and mild necrosis compared to what was seen in the NDEA group.
The effects of homeopathic remedies on 3-methylcholanthrene induced liver cancer were also evaluated. Ruta 200c significantly slowed the development of liver cancer caused by 3- methylcholanthrene. All the control group mice treated with 3-methylcholanthrene developed cancer. Ruta 200c again showed a huge promise with 9 survivors out of 20 after 30 weeks compared to the control group in which all mice died.
The researchers involved in this study offer some explanation to how these homeopathic remedies worked by stating “One possibility is that homeo drugs act through certain high affinity receptors that regulate the expression of specific genes (Khudha-Bukhsh, 1997). Homeo drugs have been shown to be capable of repairing DNA damage and chromosome damage induced by X-ray and chemical mutation. Since DNA repair is linked to the expression of certain genes there can be a link between the treatment of homeo drugs and gene expression (Khudha-Bukhsh, 1991).” This concept goes back to homeopathic remedies stimulation of hormesis within the body, whose actions are based on theories of quantum physics. Microscopic nanoparticles of a bulk ingredient cause a resonant vibratory action on an interconnected network within the body, picked up by cells to stimulate gene expression and DNA repair.
Other results of homeopathic medicine show decreased pain and increase in quality of life in patience experiencing headache/migraines. In one study over 60% of patients treated with individualized homeopathic remedies had decreased pain and inhibitory conditions of their life due to the pain physical and social (Muscari-Tomaioli, G., et al.). In another study there is some
Frye 39
evidence that homeopathic medicine may work as a universal treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome (Weatherley-Jones, Elaine, et al.)
Bach flower therapy is a form of homeopathic medicine. Bach flower was developed by Edward Bach in the early to mid-1900. Bach flower remedies are prepared in much of the same way has homeopathic remedies. In this case Bach used flower dilutions to create his remedies. The concept of Bach flower remedies is based on self-healing in which the patient must take responsibility for their own life. Bach flower concentrates on treating negative human behaviors or emotions to heal instead of treating symptoms. According to the book Back Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer, Edward Bach only chose flowers that he believed had the highest resonant vibration or energy to them. Simply by placing a single petal on his tongue Bach could determine all the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of the flower. These remedies are said to accomplish these things through very specific vibratory frequency waves that have an affinity for a person’s emotional and mental state.
Scheffer states that Bach Flowers act upon the body’s bioenergetic field. This field is composed of different layer of specific frequencies. Some people refer to these layers as the aura. Never the less, we have previously seen the existence of this in the introduction of this paper with the theory of the human biofield. These layers are extremely weak electromagnetic fields caused by the oscillation or rotation of positive and negative charges that surround the human body. Scheffer states that researchers have discovered that negative emotions suppress and weaken the immune system by reducing the number of killer cells in the body. These cells attach and destroy viruses and bacteria within the blood stream. Bach flower remedies are taken to harmonize the negative emotion and allow the body to protect itself from infection more efficiently. By the end of Edward Bach’s research, he came up with thirty-eight flowers that were
Frye 40
categorized in seven different groups. The seven groups consist of different negative emotions. These groups are fear, uncertainty, lack of interest in present circumstances, loneliness, oversensitivity to other people’s influences and ideas, despondency and despair, and over caring of the welfare of others.
The thirty-eight different flowers and their uses are as follows from The Encyclopedia of Bach
Flower Therapy:
1. Agrimony- used for people who attempt to conceal their thoughts and inner restlessness behind a false worry-free face.
2. Aspen- used for people who have very vague fears, apprehensions, or hidden fears of impeding danger.
3. Beech- for people who are critical, intolerant, and judgmental and who have a difficult time sympathizing with other people’s situation.
4. Centaury- for people who have a weak willpower to say no and fold to the wishes of others
5. Cerato- used for people with a lack of confidence in themselves and their own intuition.
6. Cherry Plum- for the treatment of a fear of losing control, making rash decision, and sudden bursts of anger.
7. Chestnut bud- for people who tend to make the same mistakes again and again. They do not learn from their mistakes.
8. Chicory- used for people with a possessive attitude who interfere and are manipulative.
They also have a feeling of not being loved enough and underappreciated.
9. Clematis- for daydreamers who are always with their thoughts and do not pay enough attention to what is going on around them
Frye 41
10. Crab Apple- for a person who feels unclean inside and out and gets concerned with trivial things. This person also has a strong desire for order where order is not important.
11. Elm- for a person who becomes overwhelmed by their responsibilities and has temporary feelings of being inadequate.
12. Gentian- for a person who is easily discouraged, skeptical, doubtful, and a pessimist.
13. Gorse- for treatment of a hopeless attitude
14. Heather- for self-centered people who are only concerned with their own lives and in constant need for an audience.
15. Holly- for people with feelings of anger, hatred, envy, or jealousy
16. Honeysuckle- used for people who dwell on the past with feelings of regret that inhibits them from living in the present
17. Hornbeam- for people who are weary and mentally exhausted
18. Impatiens- for people who are quick to become irritable and react hastily
19. Larch- for people with an inferiority complex or lack self-confidence and expect failure
20. Mimulus- used for shyness and timidity causing well defined fears, usually a general fear of the world
21. Mustard- for people who seem up and down with periods of gloom
22. Oak- for people who work themselves to the point of exhaustion, never giving up.
23. Olive- used for people with a mindset causing an extreme case of mental and physical fatigue
24. Pine- for people experiencing self-reproach, inaccurate feelings of guilt, and a constant need to apologize.
Frye 42
25. Red Chestnut- for people experiencing an excessive concern for other or become too emotionally connected to another person.
26. Rock Rose- for acute situations of fear and panic
27. Rock Water- for people who become hard on themselves and develop strict and rigid views while suppressing inner needs
28. Scleranthus- for people who lack mental balance and tend to be indecisive. Usually changing opinions and mood frequently.
29. Star of Bethlehem- for treating mental effects of long past physical, mental, or psychic shock.
30. Sweet Chestnut- for people who are at their wits end and fall into deep despair
31. Vervain- for peoples whose high enthusiasm causes them to eventually become high strung and drains their energy
32. Vine- for people who strive for dominance, ambition, and power
33. Walnut- used for people who become influenced too easily which makes them inconsistent, usually in transitional periods of life.
34. Water Violet- for people who are withdrawn with feelings of superiority and inner reserve.
35. White Chestnut- for people who are unable to get rid of unwanted thoughts and inner conversations with themselves.
36. Wild Oat- use for people who are uncertain about their ambitions. They are always bored and looking for something new while becoming dissatisfied because they don’t know their life’s purpose
37. Wild Rose- for people with a lack of interest and ambition.
Frye 43
38. Willow- for people with a victim mentality and feelings of self-pity, resentment, and bitterness.
Concluding Remarks
The existence of life is energy. When the body is in a healthy balanced state all energy is in balance and harmony with creation. When the body and mind are unhealthy a negative frequency is emitted and the voltage of the body is reduced. The energy created by the body comes from the existence of positive and negative charges spinning around each other. This is how the atom works, which is the smallest particle of matter in which all living things are made of. Through the law of quantum physics energy is not lost even when atoms are combined to eventually create an organism. So, all things are made of atoms and therefore, all things emit a specific frequency. Research shows that when the body is in an unhealthy state an increase in frequency can kick start cellular processes and allow the body to enter into a parasympathetic self-healing state. The energy or frequency the body emits has been described as the human biofield or some people refer to it as the aura. Both terms describe an extremely weak electromagnetic field surrounding the body. The laws of quantum physics state that because of the biofield of frequency waves allows the body to be affected by other frequency waves and in turn the human body can affect substances of matter that emit a frequency. Since energy can manifest itself as waves, it can take on many forms. Some of the forms of energy include electromagnetic waves, light waves, sound waves, vibrational waves, waves emitted from crystals, and even from waves from nanoparticles seen in homeopathic medicine.
The electromagnetic waves of the body on resonating properly the body puts out 20-25 millivolts of electricity. When disease or injuries occur then the voltage of the body drops.
Frye 44
Research has shown that by supplying the body with a higher voltage back to normal the body can start to repair. Electromagnetic waves were used by Dr. Royal Rife. He had many years of research on electromagnetic waves and found many different frequencies that helped cure diseases, kill pathogens, and even work on cancer cells. Electromagnetic waves have also been seen to reduce neck pain, work on alleviating symptoms of multiple sclerosis, relieve pelvic floor pain in men with prostatitis, and decrease the size and pain of leg ulcers. Electromagnetic fields have been used for treatment of atrial fibrillation, anti-aging, cell function, autism, disease, and even stim cells. Stress, anxiety, and tension have been relieved with the use of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetism has even been seen to repair damaged tissue.
Jacobson and Sherlog stated previously that improper transfer of genetic information from cell to cell is because of disruption in the correct resonant electromagnetic frequencies of healthy cells and that incorrect frequency signal can be transferred from cell to cell. Telomeres of DNA undergo conformational changes due to incorrect signaling; the same incorrect signal may be transmitted to the rest of the DNA to encode abnormal genetic information. In the same way an electromagnetic signal can be transmitted into the body to send the right signal communication causing cells to resonate in sequence with each other.
The energy from audible sound has been used to reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. Specific frequency tones and music can stimulate the brain to produce an emotional response that in turn puts the body into a parasympathetic state. Once the body is relaxed and the autonomic nervous system has entered a parasympathetic state then the body can initiate cellular processes of self-healing.
The use of sound therapy has been shown to stimulate the production of Nitric Oxide in the blood. Resonant vibrational waves from a source of sound enter the Cochlear nerve
Frye 45
fibers in the ear and then into the brainstem, to the thalamus, and eventually to the auditory cortex of the brain and limbic system which controls basic emotions. Nitric oxide is a gas that causes a dilation of blood vessels thus increasing blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen throughout the body.
Sound waves not only enter the nervous system through the ear but they can also enter through the nerve endings in soft tissue. Vibrations through sound work this way. Vibroacoustic therapy is vibrational sound waves that aims to restore cellular energy or movement that has been lost due to illness or injury. One the resonant vibration of cells is restored then cellular energy has been brought back to normal and the body enters a better state of healing. Cell to cell communication is stimulated and the correct DNA signaling is initiated for cellular processes of self-healing to occur. Many benefits have been seen from vibrational waves including but not limited to relief from pain, relaxation, feeling of peace and lightness, decreased blood pressure, and even better social interaction.
Inaudible sound, also called infrasound, therapy can produce very good results as well. Infrasound is frequency waves below the range of human hearing which is anything 20 hz and below. Infrasound has shown to stimulate healing processes within cells of the brain. Infrasonic waves have increased the healing of bones making them heal better with enhanced modeling and density. Infrasound shows promise in the treatment of heart attacks. The results of infrasound treatment include reduced damaged myocardium, increase in Nitric Oxide vasodilator, a decrease in ENT-1, and improved heart function.
Research on acupuncture showed that it produces levels of infrasound and gives a hypothesis on why people have seen great results with it and why it has been around for thousands of years. Micro vibrations of the needles produce infrasound in which nerve endings
Frye 46
of the body pick up and as we have seen when frequency waves enter the nervous system great healing and harmony within the body can happen. Infrasound also can increase levels of PYY in the gut. An increase in PYY enzyme can suppress appetite and therefore infrasound may be promising in the use of weight loss.
Low decibel ranges of infrasound inhibited apoptosis and apoptotic proteins of stems cells and positive effect on cell health and function was seen on Huma B lymphoma Raji cancer cells. Infrasound caused structural changes within the cancer cells, like shortening of microvilli. The shortening of microvilli can inhibit nutrient intake in and out of the cancer cells and inhibit cell function. The use of infrasound may be beneficial in healing through the stimulation of stem cells or may be used as a possible treatment in cancer.
Even light waves from the sun or low-level infrared have produced similar benefits as seen in electromagnetic waves and sound waves. Crystal structures can affect the human body in many similar ways as well. The source or form of the frequency waves does not seem to matter concerning healing of the body and mind. Quantum physics tells us that a frequency wave is just the same whether it is from electricity, sound, light, vibrations, or crystals. The body is able to pick up on healthy frequencies from all of these sources and use them to bring cellular energy back up. When unhealthy disharmonic cells are vibrating at a frequency that is not normal for the body then disease can occur. Or when an injury happens then those injured cells are not resonating properly anymore and cellular function is lessened. The body can use many different sources of healthy frequencies and absorb them. They then travel through the nervous system and enter unhealthy vibrating cells and bring back a harmonic vibration that initiates a parasympathetic state and homeostasis. The body and mind must be in tune with all of these frequency waves surrounding us and the best frequencies for us come in the most natural forms.
Frye 47
When we are in perfect health we are mentally and physically in resonant harmony with the rest of creation.
Frye 48
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