In only 2-3 weeks I can truly say my Waves for Life mat relaxes me at night and gives me more energy for my day.  My back doesn’t even hurt in the morning.  Honestly, I didn’t know I felt so bad before I used the Waves for Life mat! Bonnie B.

I love having my own Waves for Life mat so I can use it anytime I want around my busy schedule.  It has really helped me with sciatica inflammation.  Over the 6-8 weeks I’ve had it, my pain level has gone from a 10 to a 2 without any over-the-counter drugs. Pam C.

My son, Adam, age 8, had severe upper respiratory congestion and was wheezing.  When I took him to Dr. Frye’s office he gave him a 38 minute treatment on the Waves for Life mat.  Adam’s congested lung totally cleared up right there in the office.  I was amazed Brook G.

I had a sharp abdominal pain…I’d say a 10.  I laid down on the Waves for Life mat for 1 full session of 38 minutes.  That brought my pain down to about a 5.  Two days later I did a second session.  To my surprise, the pain was totally gone.  – Ray H.

After using my Waves for Life at home for about 3 months the arthritic stiffness in my ankle is much less painful with more ease of movement.  Dr. Frye says I’m also much easier to adjust.My Waves for Life totally relaxes me.  I wake up feeling refreshed with more energy…My body just feels ‘Happy”! Kay M.

I’ve been suffering with insomnia and couldn’t seem to find an answer.  When Dr. Frye suggested I try the Waves for Life mat I was a little skeptical.  But I knew he was a man of integrity and I could trust him so I decided to try it. Now, I’m getting lots of restful sleep.  I don’t understand how it works but, I had a problem…I needed help…I got my answer! – Joy S.

My dad, 92 years old, had soreness in his chest that has cleared up since using the Waves for Life mat.  Also, he needs fewer adjustments on his back. I like to use the pillow part of the mat on my abdomen.  It has really helped my stomach.  Now I have less pain and, when I do, it doesn’t last as long. – Linda S.

Both my husband and I have gotten results from the Waves for Life mat that we have enjoyed having in our home for almost 9 months.  My husband used to have neck and knee pain and has gotten overall muscular relief. My elbow had nerve entrapment.  I got ‘immediate results’ with the W4L mat.  I can’t pinpoint just how all these good things are happening but I’ll take them, along with the extra energy I’m experiencing. – Deborah C.